What is MobileRecorder?

MobileRecorder is a monitoring software for Android mobiles that you install on to someone's phone and allow you to monitor this device using online control panel which you can access from any computer or smartphone. You can also install it to your own cell phone in order to safely and securely backup all your conversations.

How it works?

MobileRecorder collects data from the device on which it is installed and displays it in the Control Panel which you can access using any Internet browser.

To start using MobileRecorder, you need to install the application using device you want to monitor. Basically you'll need to have a full authorized physical access to the target device, launch the phone browser, type in the link for downloading the program and proceed with the installation. By installing MobileRecorder, you confirm your intention to use this software legally, i.e. you install mSpy on your own device, the device of your underage child or the owner of the device agrees to be monitored.

Do I need their phone physically to install MobileRecorder?

Yes. This is the main requirement and there is no other way to install this application.

Their phone is locked by a password which I do not know, can I still install MobileRecorder and can I get this password too?

Unfortunately if their phone is locked by a password which you do not know then the monitoring application cannot be installed. But if you already installed MobileRecorder you can reset or change this password.

Is MobileRecord legal? Is it spyware (spy app)?

MobileRecorder is perfectly legal to install on your own phone as a backup solution. But please make sure you have explicit permission from the person whose phone you will be monitoring and whose phone you will require physically in order to physically install this monitoring application on to it before proceeding any further. Furthermore, if in doubt, check your local country laws. According to user agreement you shouldn't use the application for spying purpose or as spyware.